UltraMurals Releases Gallery Wrapped Canvas & Revamps Website

Hello Everyone! We’re proud to announce today that we have officially launched our newest line of products featuring Gallery-Wrapped Canvas and Canvas stretched prints.  “Seeing the high-demand for canvas from our consumers, we decided to offer this printing option online,” said Andrew Meyer of UltraMurals. “Many people had asked if they could have their prints done on canvas, so with this option we hope to appeal to a larger audience and give our customers more options for their decorative wall art.”

Gallery Wrapped Canvas from UltraMuralsYou can now choose any image to be printed on canvas, with sizes ranging from 40″ to over 60″ wide! Check out the changes that are taking place on our website as well. We have optimized the homepage, added new images and mural options and hopefully made it easier for your to use and operate! Let us know what you think of the newest products and website because we love to have your feedback!

UltraMurals New Homepage Design

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